When we all rise up, change happens.

Come join us at CHANGE Festival and rise up against the climate crisis to create a better tomorrow.

We rose to the challenge presented by Coronavirus in 2020 and transformed our lives overnight. Despite the immense pain caused by this virus, 2020 brought many people closer to nature, helped us lower our ecological footprint, strengthened our communities, and allowed us to take a step back and reflect. We demonstrated that we can adapt to rapid and radical change. What can we do now to urgently unite in order to tackle a greater challenge, the climate and environmental crisis?

CHANGE Festival 2021 invites you to stand up for a better future. We will be sharing stories and inspiring each other about how we can make a difference individually and collectively. This is an opportunity to get together and celebrate our ability to make a difference.

Get up and listen to others, speak up, feel, witness, dream, create, hope, and act.