Reinventing the Music Festival.

The best music festivals are those which can evolve over time. This success can be measured by increasing ticket sales and a growing number of headline performers. This kind of growth can be achieved with good control and logistics. What are the key elements?

A music festival that repeats the same format year after année with the same acts performing every year is more likely to experience a decline with the inevitable closure. To keep their events relevant and appealing to a wider audience, music festival organizers must be creative every year. There will be many competing music festivals doing the same thing and organisers will see their event decline if they don’t do anything to improve its appeal. How can organizers reinvent their festivals and ensure their financial success in the future?

Mixing Genres

Many music festivals began by focusing on a particular music genre. Older festivals are more familiar with pop and rock music. Music tastes change all the time. Festivals that include more music genres will have a wider appeal. For festivals that are located in large open spaces, the easiest way to achieve this is to create specific stages, shows, and areas within the festival. A mixed-genre music festival may have a DJ of techno and a pop artist on separate stages.

 The Irish Bodhran drum is a frame drum with a shallow body and a single-skin head. It is common throughout Irish traditional music and other features.

Theme development.
A music festival can be distinguished from others by having a different theme every year and striking designs. You can achieve this with excellent stage design and lighting, creative marketing campaigns and PR activities. By encouraging festival-goers to participate and show their support, themes can be a great way of promoting participation.

Add Attractions and Facilities
Festival-goers can enjoy more by adding attractions such as fairground rides, or creating arts and crafts areas. Glamping is a popular option at many festivals. This can be done by improving the vendor selection and facilities. Festival-goers are always most unhappy with the lack of toilets and bars. This will make it more appealing.

A music festival that grows and improves over time will not only attract more festival-goers, but also increase the demand for vendors, sponsors, and performers. Volunteer recruitment will also be easier, which is a positive effect. For any live music experience, there is always a demand for new things. Music festivals need to be constantly reinvented to ensure a bright future.

Festival Pro is a software platform that allows festival organizers to manage all aspects of their events. These guys have many years of experience in event management and they are performers as well. Festival Pro is simple to use, has many features, and includes modules that allow you to manage artists, contractors and venues/stages. You can also manage volunteers, vendors, sponsors, guests, sponsors, donors, and cashless payments.

Climate change in music festival

Music festivals have the unfortunate situation of both contributing to the climate crisis and being burdened by their own practices. Plastic cups overflowing with bright lights and booming sounds consume energy. Fans and artists fly and drive from all corners of the globe. Festivals create bliss in parks and camps for a few days. The GrubHub-sponsored stage is where they sell the transgressive power and beauty of song. The summers are becoming hotter and more severe, and outdoor spaces are less available. Music is useless if it doesn’t hurt us.

“This summer we have seen a lot of record-breaking heat waves, downpours, and flood events meteorologically. Extreme heat and storms can be a problem when thousands of people gather outdoors or under partially covered conditions,” Daniel Swain, a UCLA climate scientist, said.

Governors Ball celebrated its 10th year with a multiday celebration in New York last month. After the 2019 festival was a disaster, organizers moved the festival to Citi Field. Citi Field is close to the subway and offers “flexibility with possible weather events”. After teasing a possible cancellation due to a storm, organizers decided that the festival’s last day would be open on Sunday afternoon. The stages became darkened as it began to rain within hours. The speaker commanded everyone to evacuate the island immediately. Teenagers piled on the pressure and tore down brand signage and cut through the plexiglass backdrops for photos. Chaos ensued as thousands of people poured onto Ward’s Island Bridge, causing destruction to everything.

When we all rise up, change happens.

Come join us at CHANGE Festival and rise up against the climate crisis to create a better tomorrow.

We rose to the challenge presented by Coronavirus in 2020 and transformed our lives overnight. Despite the immense pain caused by this virus, 2020 brought many people closer to nature, helped us lower our ecological footprint, strengthened our communities, and allowed us to take a step back and reflect. We demonstrated that we can adapt to rapid and radical change. What can we do now to urgently unite in order to tackle a greater challenge, the climate and environmental crisis?

CHANGE Festival 2021 invites you to stand up for a better future. We will be sharing stories and inspiring each other about how we can make a difference individually and collectively. This is an opportunity to get together and celebrate our ability to make a difference.

Get up and listen to others, speak up, feel, witness, dream, create, hope, and act.