Theme 2017: Voyages

Music is a universal language able to be understood by all. Just as with spoken language music has also developed regional dialects, accents and styles. With the movement of people their music has followed with them and its directness has allowed those different musical dialects and styles to be quickly learnt and assimilated.

This years festival explores these Voyages, musical, physical, stylistic and even through time.

Composers such as Ravel, Manuel de Falla, Smetana, Rachmaninov, Ligeti and Gubaidulina all made crucial personal and musical journeys in their lifetime, often inspiring others composers as they went.  The Kungsbacka Piano Trio celebrate their own personal and musical milestone after 20 years of music-making. We cross the stylistic boundaries of dance, music and the folk tradition together with the dancers Karin Modigh, Noah Hellwig, the Vertavo Quartet and Dreamer’s Circus and with the pioneering ensemble Barokksolistene we are travel back in time to the concert experience of 350 years ago. New musical journeys begin with the composers Britta Byström and Mirjam Tally and a phenomenal line-up of wonderful artists and musicians will make their way from Europe and farther afield to join us in Norra Halland. We hope you do too!

artistic director