Dreamers’ Circus

Dreamers’ Circus

Dreamers’ Circus is a unique blend of fast-paced talent, remarkable technical skill and bold artistic vision. They are focused and disarmamented uncomplicated in their determination to give new Nordic music to a wide international audience.

The swede Ale Carr plays cittra, a kind of ten-stringed mandolin. The two Danes in the band are Nikolaj Busk (piano and accordion) and Rune Tonsgaard Sørensen (violin). Together they have performed all over the world. They have won all the significant awards and awards that Denmark assigns musicians and has received wide recognition and great respect from critics.

A band whose starting point is folk music, but where genre is neither a driving nor limiting force. A band that respects the folk music tradition enough to know it’s not a compulsive shirt. A band that understands that folk music is strong enough to endure storms and that it can flourish with challenges and expansion.

The debut album from Dreamers’ Circus, “A Little Symphony”, released in 2013 received three awards from the Danish Music Awards People, including “This Year’s Album”. Folkworld wrote: “Probably one of the best albums from Denmark in a good while”. In Sweden, a reviewer from Värmlands Folkblad wrote , “World-class Folk Music”, and in Denmark they received five stars from the respected GAFFA. In April 2015, their much-sought-after follow-up albums released by the band to Second Movement will be launched.

The sequel “Second Movement” imparts a sense of beauty and completeness, but by plotting it through, one can distinguish a roughness that reflects the origin of the band in their common love of folk Music.

Dreamers’ Circus has a unique sound that is both modern and something ancient at the same time, a musical universe as more and more artists in the Nordic region and beyond are looking for.


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